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Claire Bryant

Marketing Manager

27 May 2020

Recently we hosted a complimentary webinar on Social Media. You can watch our recording below.

Most of you will be using some form of social media in your personal lives, but when it comes to using it for your business, we know it can be quite overwhelming.

Listen in as we explore how your business can get the most out of Social Media.

Our expert speakers Ambrose Blowfield & Chris Young discuss:

  • What the best tactics are to use on social media for your business

  • How not to waste time on the wrong social media channels & identify which channels are right for your business

  • How to be more structured in your use of social media

Whether your business is using social media right now or you’ve been thinking about how to get started, our webinar will apply to you.

As always, our webinars are free & open to all. So please share this link with anyone who may benefit from listening.

Watch Recording Here



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