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Claire Bryant

Marketing Manager

25 August 2020

Recently we hosted a webinar on Resilience with Remote Working that was presented by Lynlee Wilson.

Lynlee covers:

  • Your obligations as an employer when employees are working remotely

  • Seven practical tips to help improve the time you’re working remotely

  • How to understand & adapt your management style using the ‘four colour framework’

  • Team performance when working remotely – what you should be focusing on

Lynlee is a Registered Organisational Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience. She has worked across a wide range of Industries from Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications; Heavy Manufacturing; Energy; CRI's to Educational facilities. Lynlee is a Facilitator; Strategic Planner; Executive Coach and Organisational Development Professional with strong Organisational Change Management experience. She has a very pragmatic approach and is results orientated focusing on the outcomes that need to be achieved through people in Businesses


Watch Recording Here



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