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Claire Bryant

Marketing Manager

21 April 2020

Recently we hosted a complimentary webinar on People & Leadership. You can watch our recording below.

Our People & Leadership Webinar was related specifically to the people aspects of your business and how to practically lead during this time of unprecedented change. 

In our session we covered:

  • Discuss what change actually means in this context & how you as a business owner can manage this proactively & positively

  • Review how to communicate effectively & what assumptions you may have made

  • Help you understand how our thinking process works & what are the key questions in the minds of our employees right now & in the future

  • Review what happens if we don’t pay attention & how to be on the front foot

  • Learn how you can be future-ready for the new normal & how we can help you with Government funding for this

Our webinar presenter was Lynlee Wilson. 

Watch Recording Here



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