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31 January 2020

Five new ways to do it.

If you normally write a cheque to pay for your taxes, it’s time to decide how you will pay in the future. As of 1 March 2020, the IRD will no longer be accepting cheques. By the end of the last financial year (June 2019), only around 5% of payments received by IRD were by cheque, so they made the call to phase them out.

Here are five faster, cheaper and safer ways to pay your taxes:

  • Pay securely by direct debit using a debit card or credit card through myIR. Login and register at www.ird.govt.nz

  • Make payments using online banking - contact your bank to find out how

  • Use credit or debit cards to make online payments at ird.govt.nz/pay

  • Visit Westpac and pay your taxes in person by EFTPOS or cash

  • If you’re overseas, pay using a money transfer service. Search “make a payment” at ird.govt.nz


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