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16 April 2019

Recently the Mood of the Sales Leader Report 2019* was released. We thought we’d share with you the key highlights from the report.


  1. For most businesses 2018 performed in line with the positive sentiment predicted in the 2018 Mood of the Sales Leader Survey.

  2. Whilst more than half of the businesses achieved growth, an increasingly significant number of sales people did not reach their targets. It is suggested there is a trend that it is getting harder for sales people to achieve their targets.

  3. It also noted that a significant number of companies increased the size of their sales team albeit at a much lower rate than in 2017.


  1. There is a general decline in sentiment towards sales growth in 2019. Growth budgets are forecast to be fewer and zero based budgets are on the rise.

  2. Similar to last year, the media is reporting concerns about the business year ahead. However once again sales leaders are relatively upbeat in 2019. The major shift however is that we have seen a significant increase in those who are pessimistic whilst the majority are predicting more growth.

Questions to contemplate

  • What is your strategy to achieve growth in what many are predicting will be a slowing economy?

  • Thinking about the year ahead, are you focusing more on existing or new customers, existing or new markets or existing or new products and services?

  • What are you doing to improve the skills of your sales people in the area of account management - where you forecast 78% of your sales growth.


  1. Almost 30% of sales leaders believe they are utilising an incentive plan that is either driving little or no performance improvements. This is a significant cost to companies who are handing over money for no reason or their incentive scheme is having a negative affect which can materialise in creating poor sales culture, effect a relationship with clients and or see resignations from team members.


  1. Increased competition is the stand out winner in the number one sales challenge of 2018 which highlights how important it is that your sales team is running a good process with new business and that your account management processes are strong. Your best customer is your competitors best prospect.

  2. The other typical challenges are still significant such as lack of business development, CRM & technology and the overall skill levels of the sales team.

Questions to contemplate

  • How can your business maintain or create a competitive advantage? How can your sales team run a superior account management or new business sales process?

  • What is your plan to increase the quality of your team to counteract the increase in competition?

Biggest Risks to your Sales Success

What are you doing to address the following risks:

  • Competition

  • Economic Slowdown

  • Reduced Budgets

  • Competitive Innovation

  • Internal Constraints 

  • Staff Retention

  • Inconsistent Team Approach

  • Technology Challenges

  • Poor Execution 

Thoughts from us

We typically find that our clients under invest in sales training and a good sales plan. It's not usually front of mind, however when a structured sales process is implemented, the results are well worth it. 

Lynlee Wilson from the enablebusiness team has extensive experience in sales training. She has worked with a number of our clients to help them achieve great outcomes with their teams and overall business. 

She works with our clients to achieve their desired sales outcomes and puts a sales plan in place for clients to implement within their business. 

If you would like to talk with Lynlee to understand how she can work with you and your team, please let us know below. 

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*Released by Indicator NZ



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